Crayfish is often considered as one of the best selling species of seafood. It is also known as crawfish, usually, eats small insects, and decaying matter in the ocean. It uses its enormous claws as a defensive weapon and a crushing tool every time it gets something to eat.  When looking to buy crayfish, there are some important things you need to know, to help you find the best crayfish in town.


To choose the right type of crayfish, you need to develop the abilities of a careful observer. Once the crayfish is still alive, choose the most active and energetic one in the group. There is a simple logic behind it – the more movement a crayfish does, the healthier. This is because only a properly feed crayfish display this type of activity. And since the movement plays a significant role in selecting the best, you should avoid buying a crayfish from cage apparently overcrowded. Remember, quality is even better than quantity. The overall health condition can also be checked by touching the back. A healthy and well-fed crayfish will raise their claws, the reflex reaction that usually separates one from deteriorating one due to the hostile environment.

As for the colors, you must always keep in mind that the fresh crayfish usually has a dark orange shell. Sometimes it varies, but the darker the color, the healthier. There are some cases that the crayfish lacks some of its appendages. Although people identify crayfish with complete body parts as healthy, some without it are still healthy as a whole.

How a crayfish is prepared for cooking depends if you belong to the cook them whole, eat everything but the shell, tail, and claws. No matter how you prepare them, first remove the intestinal tract from the tail by twisting the middle and pulling. Before cooking, break the claws and cut the tails with scissors along the top from end to end. Press the bottom of the shell and tail meat appears in one piece.

There are almost as many recipes for cooking crayfish as there are cooks. Here are our standard ways:

Spiced Crayfish Kill in hot water. Clean crayfish by removing the intestinal tract by twisting off the middle tail flipper and pulling. Cook whole or break off the claws and tail as desired.


  • Crayfish 
  • One teaspoon nutmeg
  • Eight ounces salt 
  • Two teaspoons of allspice
  • One medium Onion, 
  • Cayenne
  • Three bay leaves substitute juice of two
  • One clove garlic, diced lemons
  • One teaspoon whole cloves


  • Put spices in a muslin bag or tie in cheesecloth. 
  • Add water to cover and bring to boil. 
  • Add Crayfish. 
  • Cook for 3 to 5 minutes. Do not overcook. 
  • Remove the crayfish and spray or dab in cold water for 2 minutes (it is important to stop the cooking to avoid the meat from sticking to the scales). 
  • Chill before serving.


Just cook the claw and tail shell. Cook cleaned crayfish in the water (enough to cover), add butter or margarine, salt, and pepper. Cook for 5 minutes. Best eaten when hot.


  • Cut cleaned tail end to end with scissors. 
  • Remove the meat. 
  • Mix the batter with carbonated  water or beer, 
  • Two white eggs and enough flour to thicken; He runs until he becomes Fluffy; 
  • Bring deep fat at 400 degrees. 
  • Spice the tails in the batter and drop into the fryer.
  • Take when cold. Serve with your favorite sauce, such as a mixture of tomato sauce and horseradish, put together with Tabasco.


Crayfish goes well with seafood butter, baked potatoes. Thinking about rice pilaf and a green salad, vegetable; such as grilled asparagus, and also garlic bread.

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